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Hansford began his career in the clubs of New York City.

With French drummer Pierre Moerlen, he reformed the award winning jazz-rock group Gong and was promptly signed to Virgin Records and later to Arista Records. His innovative compositions contributed greatly to Gong's success. International touring soon secured him a place among the world's leading bass players as well as work with Mike Oldfield, Allan Holdsworth, Bireli Lagrene and La Monte Young.

He plays Warwick bass guitars and amplifiers and has worked closely with them on the development of the first Just Intonation bass.

He is a founding member of the monster group Gongzilla featuring guitar meisters Bon Lozaga, David Torn and David Fiuczynski. Hansford's latest project is HR3.

Hansford's gear:

Warwick Bass Guitars - Thumb, Streamer, Dolphin, Infinity and the Just Intonation Basses

Warwick Amplifiers - WA 600, X-Treme 10.1 and Quad VI

Warwick Cabinets - W-211 pro, W-410 pro, 115 NeoPro, W-CL Combo, BC 300 Combo

DR Strings - High Beam

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Hansford interview - Billboard

Selected Discography

Love's Appeal - AL Records

Five Even - LoLo (Five Even - the title tune with Dave Fiuczynski on fretless guitar)
East Village Sessions - LoLo
Thrive - LoLo
Live! - LoLo
Suffer - LoLo

Hansford Rowe Collective
No Other - LoLo (No Other)

PM's Gong
Expresso II - Virgin (Soli)
Downwind - Arista
Gong Live - Virgin
Time is the Key - Arista
Leave it Open - Arista
Breakthrough - Arc
Wingful of Eyes - Virgin
Second Wind - Line/Ariola

John Martyn
One World - Island
Sweet Little Mysteries - Island

Mike Oldfield
Platinum - Virgin
Platinum/QE2/Five Miles Out -

Charlelie Couture
Crocodile - Island

Steel Blue
Steel Blue - LoLo

Full Circle - LoLo
To the Bone - LoLo
Two Plus Two - LoLo

Geno White
Standing In Stereo - LoLo