BON - Two Plus Two

Two Plus Two   

LoLo 018

This compilation features the best of the first two BON CDs plus two new tunes recorded in April 2004.

"Either with his hard-hitting power trio or with his adventurous fusion ensemble Gongzilla, Lozaga has distinguished himself as an accomplished player with the courage to follow his imagination. Lozaga summons lots of edgy experimentalism with a progressive-rock slant on Bon's Two Plus Two."

Bill Milkowski - Jazziz (see the full review in the December 2004 issue)

To The Bone
LoLo 009

Bon Lozaga's second solo album cuts deep. Incisive fusion.
Bon Lozaga - guitar
Hansford Rowe - bass
Vic Stevens - drums
David Torn and Geno White - guitar and Caryn Lin - electric violin

"Bon Lozaga continues to amaze with his incredible ability to juggle interesting composition with tasty atmospheric chording and blistering soloing. Bassist Hansford Rowe is similarly impressive in this set of progressive/outside/jazz. This is serious, compelling stuff - a must for guitarists with an eye (ear?) on the future."
- Tom Mulhern -

Eclectic Earwig review of To The Bone


 Full Circle / Coming Home
 LoLo 001
Bon Lozaga's first solo album!
Bon Lozaga - guitar
Hansford Rowe - bass
Vic Stevens - drums

"...ten very slick but mesmerizing tracks. The compositions build from very simple riffs or delicate arpeggios into climactic wind-ups that at times recall a spacey, seventies, jazz-rock thang."
- Splatter Effect

" Bon Lozaga is easily among the best unsung guitarist with a progressive / jazz bent."
- Guitar Shop

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