Bon Lozaga

Bon Lozaga, guitarist and founding member of Gongzilla, joined PM's GONG on the Expresso II album when Stomu Yamashta (Island Records) heard one of his demo tapes and referred him to the group’s manager. Bon recorded four records and toured extensively throughout Europe and America with the band. In 1993 Bon regrouped with GONG bassist Hansford Rowe and formed BON, his first solo project, and recorded Full Circle/Coming Home and To the Bone for LoLo Records. Their association continues in the monster group Gongzilla (featuring guests such as Allan Holdsworth, David Torn, David Fiuczynski, and recently Chuck Garvey and Jim Loughlin of moe.). Gongzilla continues touring in the US, Canada, Japan and Europe.


Bon has had the good fortune to work and record with some of the most talented and innovative musicians in the world. The list includes Eddie Jobson (UK, Zappa), Percy Jones (Brand X), Mark Craney (Jethro Tull, Jean-Luc Ponty), Gary Husband (John McLaughlin) and Happy Rhodes just to name a few.

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Bon Lozaga

Bon's gear:

Framus Guitars: AK 1974, Diablo Custom, Panthera Classic Pro

Framus Amps: Ruby Riot I, Ruby Riot II

Oldfield Amps: Marquis 36, Hot Sake Editon 30

T-Rex Pedals

DR Strings

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Selected Discography

PM's Gong
Expresso II
Time Is The Key
Leave It Open
Wingful Of Eyes



East Village Sessions

Five Even

Project Lo
Dabblings In Darkness
Black Canvas

Sonic Abandon
Sonic Abandon

Geno White
Standing In Stereo

Full Circle / Coming Home
To The Bone

Two Plus Two

Alan Pollard

See It For What It Is

BON - Two Plus Two
BON solo CDs