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A miasma of burning fusion, microtonal rock, and post-pubescent pop staining the fabric of mass culture


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LoLo Catalog

LoLo 016 - Gongzilla Live!

LoLo 017 - Gongzilla East Village Sessions

LoLo 018 - Bon Two Plus Two (selected compilation of LoLo 001 & 009 with 2 new bonus tracks)

LoLo 019 - Next Order Live-Powered Nexus

LoLo 020 - Next Order Live-Roaring Colors
LoLo 021 - Gongzilla Five Even


LoLo 001 BON Full Circle/Coming Home 7-659067001-2-5

LoLo 004 Project Lo Dabblings in Darkness 7-659067004-2-2

LoLo 005 Sonic Abandon Sonic Abandon 7-659067005-2-1

LoLo 006 Mistaken Identities Where to Now 7-659067006-2-0

LoLo 009 Bon To The Bone 7-659067009-2-7

LoLo 011 Mistaken Identities No Curb Ahead 7-659067011-2-2
LoLo 012 Geno White Standing In Stereo 7-659067012-2-2


Also available:

  • Michael Zentner - Playtime - CD featuring 10 songs by M. Z. with a veritable who's-who of top players like guitarists Robby Krieger, Ray Gomez and Vernon Reid - bassists Jeff Berlin, Anthony Jackson, Percy Jones and Tony Levin - and monster drummers Omar Hakim, Jerry Marotta and Simon Philips.
  • Rare Earth - Two "rare" CDs - Live in Switzerland and Different World  (Contact us for info)