Forever Sharp & Vivid

Forever Sharp & Vivid
LoLo 014

Chris Massey - drums, hand drums, percussion
David CasT - bass clarinet, saxophones, loops

David Torn - electric & acoustic guitars, loops, tapes.

The new improvising ensemble FS&V makes its debut with their self-titled CD on LoLo Records. Comprised of three very eclectic NY musicians; drummer Chris Massey, reed player David CasT and guitarist David Torn.

Chris Massey , a player/searcher of the "hidden groove" following the paths of Jon Christensen and Paul Motian, he also explores the electro-acoustic realm of drum-synthesizer-loop triggering as well as performing on various clay drums and gongs. He worked with Bill Frisell in the early 80´s and was heavily influenced by the guitarist's quirky compositions and his flexibility of style. He has since worked with minimalist poet Robert Creeley, Trio Courage with bassist Steve Swallow and John Mills, french-hornist Tom Varner, Hans Koch, Bob Degen Trio, Vinnie Golia and Michael Gibbs.

Guitarist David Torn is well known for his forays into the musical unknown. A prolific solo-artist and film score composer, Torn is unstoppable in exploring new sounds, tunings and techniques on multitude of stringed instruments. He leads and/or performs with Polytown w/Terry Bozzio and Mick Karn, Laurie Anderson, Bill Bruford/Tony Levin´s Upper Extremities, Ryuichi Sakamoto, K.D. LangGuitar Obliq w/ Vernon Reid & Elliot Sharp, DJ Spooky, Me´shell ndegecello, Chocolate Genius, Jan Garbarek, Carter Burwell, Subject/Object w/ Vinnie Caliutta and Doug Lunn, and many others...

Multi-reed player David CasT has been a longtime compatriot of Torn's and performs on a wide variety of reed instruments, exotic wood flutes, ethnic wind instruments and electronic effects. He is a frequent player on the New York scene performing with John Zorn, the Walter Thompson Orchestra, Dave Tronzo, Steve Weisberg, Danilo Perez, Karl Berger, Karen Mantler and has worked with legendary trumpeter Don Cherry, Al Grey, Neils Larsen Group, The Memphis Pilgrams, and vibist Karl Berger as well as producing many recording sessions.

Some reviews...

"forever sharp & vivid is the sound of a Velvet-Fist!"
- Playboy Magazine

"True to it's title, forever sharp & vivid retains it's compositional focus and is presented with an attention to thematic development that is hard to come by in this noodling era."
- Tony Green, JazzTimes Magazine

"Serrated rhythms, mesmerizing loops, dissonant bursts and disquieting quietudes all contribute to the seething beauty of forever sharp & vivid's sound. David Torn once told must look beyond the whirlpool of the music business to develop something you think is really important...forever sharp & vivid is the living embodiment of that philosophy."
- Anil Prashad, Innerviews Online

"The range of sounds forever sharp & vivid produces using just the basic setup is truely impressive...from moody sound sculptures to driving electronic venting, these guys deliver the goods."
- Larry Nal, Progression Magazine

"This disc is an exquisite adventure in the possibilities of a tradition-conscious jazz group taking full advantage of the modern studio's capabilities."